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Welcome to Good Hoods. Good Hoods is your complete source for the best manufacturers of top-quality foodservice and restaurant equipment hoods. Find restaurant equipment information and resources for restaurant hoods. Many types of kitchen hoods can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a discount.

Find products that are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control measures - and to exact specifications. Many restaurant hood and kitchen equipment manufacturers offer nationwide delivery and installation is available in many areas.

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Look for hood manufacturers that offer stainless-steel hoods instead of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and overall build quality.  Many restaurateurs require equipment that will not deteriorate and corrode over time – which is why they continue to use Good Hoods for product research information.

At Good Hoods, we will help you find restaurant hood suppliers with personal service and quality product information including well-known national suppliers of Foodservice, Restaurant, and Material Handling Equipment. Quality restaurant hoods are made with heavy stainless rather than lighter stainless steel.

Look for range hoods that have :
  • Capture Panel
  • Grease Filters
  • Fan or blower ventilation

Standard Features on Vent Hoods:

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel hood surfaces (exposed and unexposed)
  • Seams on the canopy that are continuously liquid-tight
  • U.L.-listed vapor-proof incandescent light fixtures with junction box
  • U.L.-classified aluminum filters removable for easy cleaning
  • Full-length grease trough
  • Removable grease container
  • Exhaust and supply collars
  • Airspace at rear
  • Front and rear hanging brackets
  • Regular and short front models

Range hoods, kitchen hoods, exhaust hoods, stove hoods, extraction hoods, cooker hoods,  cooking canopys and ventilation hoods contain fans that hang above the stove and remove airborne grease, odors, heat, smoke, and steam with a combination of filtration and air removal. Exhaust hoods usually have built-in lighting to illuminate the cooking surface, and many  manufacturers offer accessories, backsplash panels, shelving and other attachments.

Vented hoods have blower motors that are attached to a duct system which sends air to the outside. Recirculating hoods contain a filter with activated charcoal used to remove smoke and odor, clean the air and release it back into the kitchen. Some range hood designs use both types.

Good Hoods will help you find the best restaurant hoods and equipment:

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